About me

Single pool operator – one pool, one operator.

Part of the pool operator profit will be used to finance independent journalistic investigations in the area of human rights. Violations are happening every day. State regimes suppress people for their beliefs or ethnicity. By delegating to VERT pool you support our mission.

Computer Engineer with more than 2 decades in IT area.
Broad experience with servers administration, network security, IT environments architecture and implementing best practices in IT.
I work on a technical position. During a regular working day I work on complex IT issues and I implement new IT solutions. I have been working on IT projects for various customers from small family businesses to large enterprise companies as banks, energy producers, pharmacy and more.

I believe in the bright future of Cardano project and I support the decentralization! My goal is 99.99% uptime for this pool with long term operation path.

Pool ID: 33c5796b7d62d5d5b13526662d03f1d94e16f4ffd236386137e17ec1
Thank you for staking with VERT pool!